Truth or Consequences




Join VES faculty and other scholars recognized for their stellar research in the field of cults, religion, apologetics, and theology. Each lecture will inform and equip you to discern the truth from error. Several lectures feature clear PowerPoint presentations.


  • Norman Geisler (Divine Spiration: Answering the Latest Challenge to the Inerrancy of Scripture)
  • John Ankerberg (Presenting Jesus to Atheists and Those in the Cults)
  • Ron Rhodes (Mysticism and the Contemporary Church)
  • Joseph Holden (Truth or Consequences: Critical Issues Confronting the Contemporary Church)
  • Richard Abanes (Religions of the Stars and Pop Culture Apologetics)
  • Paul Carden (The Challenge of the Cults on the World Mission Field)
  • Derwin Gray (Incarnational Apologetics: Sharing the Gospel and Defending the Faith
    with Your Life)


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