2012 National Apologetics Conference


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The VES 2012 National Apologetics Conference (To Every Man an Answer) is now available. This set will include all video lectures from the conference on DVD as well as MP3 audio format.


  • Dr. Josh McDowell (Who is Jesus, Really?)
  • Dr. Walter Kaiser Jr. (How Archaeology Confirms the Reliability of the Old Testament)
  • Dr. Erwin Lutzer (An Act of God? Tsunami’s, Hurricanes, and Other Disasters)
  • Dr. Norman Geisler (Is Jesus the Only Way to God?)
  • Dr. Doug Geivett (Can Man Live Without God?)
  • Dr. David Geisler (Evangelism for a New Generation)
  • Dr. John Sanford (Resurrecting Adam and Eve: What Genetics Tells us About the Historical First Couple)
  • Dr. Ed Hindson (How We Know the End is Near: A Journey through the Book of Revelation)


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