The Emerging Church and Battle for Truth


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The Emergent Church movement is a fast growing movement in the church who are seeking to reconstruct Christianity so that it might be more appealing to our culture, particularly our youth culture which has been heavily influenced by postmodernism. This movement is fraught with dangers and is at this very hour making great inroads in the church. If you want to learn more about the merging church, this collection of teachings, recorded in Murrieta, CA will be of great help to you. This disc features three VES faculty members speaking at the Calvary Bible College worldview conference.


  • Dr. Norman Geisler (Emerging or Submerging Church? An Analysis of Postmodern Claim)
  • Charlie Campbell (A Theological Examination and Response to the Emergent Church)
  • Dr. Joseph Holden (How to Share Your Faith in A Postmodern World)
  • Dr. Luman Wing (An Insiders Perspective of the Emerging Church)


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