Case for Christianity: Philadelphia 2009




Get equipped as VES faculty and other top Evangelical scholars defend the historic Christian
faith and present their case for Christianity. This DVD set (11 DVD lectures and 1 MP3 with all 11 lectures) will uplift your spirit and build your mind with essential truth that establishes what Christians have historically believed and why they believed it.


  • Dr. Norman Geisler (The Case for the Reliability of the New Testament &
    If God, Why Evil?)
  • Dr. Ron Rhodes (Russia, Iran, And the Emerging Millatary Coalition Against Israel &
    The Case for Christ)
  • Dr. Ed Hindson (The Case for the Rapture: The Church and the Tribulation)
  • Dr. Gary Habermas (Dealing with Doubt & The Case for the Resurrection)
  • Dr. William Dembski (The Scientific Case for the Intelligent Designer &
    The Theological Case for the Intelligent Designer)
  • Dr. Ergun Caner (Why I am a Christian)
  • Dr. Paul Copan (The Case for Absolute Truth and Morality)


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