Case for Christianity: Diamond Bar 2009




Get equipped as VES faculty and other top Evangelical scholars defend the historic Christian
faith and present their case for Christianity. This DVD set (9 DVD lectures and 1 MP3 with all 9 lectures) will uplift your spirit and build your mind with essential truth that establishes what Christians have historically believed and why they believed it.


  • Dr. Ravi Zacharias (The Case for God)
  • Dr. Norman Geisler (The Case for the Bible)
  • Lee Strobel (The Case for a Creator)
  • Dr. Gary Habermas (The Case for Christ’s Resurrection)
  • Dr. Ron Rhodes (The Case for Christ)
  • Dr. Ergun Caner (Why I am a Christian)
  • Dr. Ed Hindson (The Case for the Second Coming)
  • Greg Koukl (The Case for Truth)
  • Dr./Pastor Raul Ries (The Case for Christ’s Love)


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