2011 National Apologetics Conference




The 2011 VES National Apologetics Conference:  is now available to PREORDER. This fantastic and unique resource will enable you to view these educational conference lectures, or to share it with others as an evangelistic tool! This resource will include all lectures from this year’s annual apologetics conference in both DVD video and MP3 Audio format.


  • Tim LaHaye (Why it’s Important to Study End Times Prophecy Now)
  • Norman Geisler (Is God a Moral Monster? &
    The Importance of Knowing the Attributes of God)
  • Ron Rhodes (10 Keys to Answering Cultists at Your Door &
    How We Know Christ Rose from the Dead’)
  • Randall Price (The Latest on the Search for Noah’s Ark)
  • H. Wayne House (A Biblical, Medical, Legal and Moral Look at Homosexuality)
  • Ergun Caner (The Secret of Islam)
  • Ed Hindson (How We Know the End is Near: A Journey through the
    Book of Revelation)


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