2010 National Apologetics Conference


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The VES National Apologetics Conference: Redeeming the Time is now available. This fantastic and unique resource will enable you to view these educational conference lectures, or to share it with others as an evangelistic tool! This resource will include all lectures from this years annual apologetics conference in both DVD video and MP3 Audio format.


  • Joel Rosenberg (Israel, Middle East, and the Last Days)
  • Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ)
  • Norman Geisler (Responding to the New Atheism & If God, Why Evil?)
  • Ron Rhodes (Answering Brian McLaren and the ‘The New Kind of Christian’)
  • William Dembski (The Theological Case for Intelligent Design &
    The Scientific Case for Intelligent Design)
  • Stephen Meyer (Signature in the Cell: DNA Evidence for Design)
  • Ergun Caner (5 Reasons Why I Am a Christian)
  • Steven Collins (Archaeology Confirms the Bible)


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