2017 National Apologetics Conference DVD




In Defense of the Sanctity of Life

Greg Koukl – President of Stand to Reason:
Making Abortion Unthinkable

Ray Bentley – Senior Pastor of Maranatha Chapel:
Made in the Image of God

Wendy L. Patrick – Deputy DA in San Diego: Special Operations Divison:
Human Trafficking: Priceless Goods

Chet Lowe – Lead Pastor of Coast Hills Church:
Orphans: Defending the Defenseless

Tara Bradford – VP of DeliverFund:
Enslaved in America: The Evil of Human Trafficking and How We Fight It

Kurt Dillinger – Founder of Life International:
ReImaged: Good News for Human Life

Cole Richards – Executive VP of The Voice of the Martyrs
Testimony of Persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq


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