Resident Faculty

VES Faculty

The Veritas Evangelical Seminary faculty is a distinguished group of scholars that are recognized for their research, lectures, and publications in apologetics, philosophy, theology, Bible, ethics, and religion. Most regularly appear as experts in media venues including print, television, and/or radio broadcasts. VES faculty has published more than 225 books (many of which are used as textbooks in colleges and seminaries) and hundreds of articles.

Graduate Full-Time Faculty

David A. Miller (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Director of Community Relations & Development
Director of Master of Divinity Program

B.A., Hope International University
M.Div., Th.M., Talbot School of Theology
Ph.D., Brunel University/London School of Theology (UK)

Mark M. Hanna (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Director of Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics Program
B.A. American University of Beruit, Lebanon
M.A. University of Southern California
Ph.D. University of Southern California

Forrest S. Weiland (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Biblical Studies
Director of Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Program
B.A., California State University, Chico
Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Dallas Theological Seminary

Steven Collins (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Archaeology and Biblical History
B.A. University of New Mexico
M.Div. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
D.Min. Luther Rice Seminary
Ph.D. Trinity Theological Seminary

Brian Janeway (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Archaeology and Biblical History
B.A. University of Kentucky, Lexington
M.A. Wheaton College
Ph.D. University of Toronto


Part-Time Faculty

Joseph M. Holden (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Theology and Apologetics
B.A. Western Illinois University
B.B.S. Calvary Chapel Bible College
M.Div. Southern Evangelical Seminary
Ph.D. University of Wales, Lampeter (UK)

Norman L. Geisler (Curriculum Vitae)
Distinguished Professor of Theology and Apologetics
Occupant of the Norman L. Geisler Chair of Christian Apologetics 

B.A. Wheaton College
M.A. Wheaton Graduate School
Th.B. William Tyndale College
Ph.D. Loyola University

Miguel Angel Endara (Curriculum Vitae)
Academic Dean
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
B.S. California State University Los Angeles
M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A. Simon Greenleaf University/Trinity International University
Ph.D. Saint Louis University

William E. Nix (Curriculum Vitae)
Director of Master of Arts in Theological Studies
Professor of Historical and Theological Studies
A.B. Wayne State University
A.M. University of Michigan
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma

Charles Allers (Curriculum Vitae)
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Religion
B.A. University of Oklahoma
M.Div. Azusa Pacific University
D.Min. Azusa Pacific University
Ph.D. University of Wales (UK)

Thomas W. Baker (Curriculum Vitae)
Associate Professor of Theology and Apologetics
B.S. San Diego State University
M.A. Southern Evangelical Seminary
Ph.D. Southern Evangelical Seminary (ABD)


Claude (Mickey) Stonier (Curriculum Vitae)
Professor of Pastoral Studies
B.S. San Diego State University
M.Div. Azusa Pacific University
Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary


Anna McElroy
Assistant Library Director
B.A. National Taiwan University
M.L.S. University of Pittsburgh


Joseph McElroy
Library Director
B.A. Queens College
M.A. Queens College
M.L.S. St. John’s University