Why Veritas

Dr. Joseph Holden, President

Welcome to Veritas Evangelical Seminary! Choosing the right learning environment is an important decision. After all, ideas do have consequences. As an inter-denominational seminary we strive to offer a well-rounded educational and spiritual experience which is grounded in the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Scriptures… Read more



Dr. Norman Geisler, Chancellor

If you are looking for a Bible-based, Christ-centered, and apologetically oriented seminary training, Veritas Evangelical Seminary offers classes from some of the best teachers in the field in the country. At Veritas your faith will be grounded in the inerrancy of Scripture and nurtured in a relationship with Christ that will be modeled after His example of humility and self-sacrifice… Read more



Dr. Ravi Zacharias

“If ever there was a time when we needed the best of Christian thinkers to help us think through the tough questions we face, this is that time. Veritas Evangelical Seminary is precisely for such a time as this. Dr. Norman Geisler and the VES faculty of scholars provide the finest of such training. For anyone considering studies in apologetics and its related disciplines, VES is an institution at the forefront, worthy of that pursuit.”


Faculty Video Testimonials