International Student Relief Program

International Student Relief Program

In an effort to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide and to equip the saints to defend the faith abroad VES has developed the International Student Relief Program (ISRP). The ISRP Fund has been established to provide scholarships/tuition waivers for prospective foreign students who desire to pursue a graduate or certificate program at Veritas Evangelical Seminary through completing external studies courses from their home country. Eligible foreign students must reside in third-world countries or territories characterized by poverty and have a financial need. Students desiring to be admitted to VES under this program must submit:

  • a completed application for admission
    • proof of foreign residence/citizenship (birth certificate or passport)
    • proof of financial need by submitting a detailed explanation of your personal finances
    • pastoral and general references.

    Admission to this program does not constitute admission to the resident program. All ISRP courses should be completed through external studies online unless internet is not available.ISRP TUITION AND FEES

    The tuition and fees for those enrolling into ISRP online courses are as follows:

    • $99 per course tuition (textbooks not included)
    • Students may choose to purchase textbooks from VES, and have them shipped for $50
    • Total cost per course is $99.00. There are no refunds for ISRP courses. All transactions are in U.S. Dollars. 


    You must first be admitted to the Seminary by submitting a completed application for admission. After being admitted to the seminary, you may register for your desired course(s) online, or by calling 714.966.8500, or by faxing (714.966.8510) or emailing your completed Course Registration Form to VES.


    The ISRP program is made possible by the generous support of those who desire to partner with VES to equip financially underpriveliged Christians worldwide, including those living in Mexico, Central America, Africa, India, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Far and Middle East. Those interested in making a tax-deductible  donation to this fund may do so by making your donation payable to Veritas Evangelical Seminary and designating the funds to be used for the International Student Program (ISRP). Send checks to Veritas Evangelical Seminary, call VES with credit card donations (714.966.8500), or donate online.