Distance Learning


Welcome to VES distance learning! We are delighted you chose to explore Veritas Evangelical Seminary when deciding which graduate school would best equip you to understand and confront the modern (and some ancient) challenges to the Christian faith. Our mission at VES is simple, to teach our students how to winsomely and efficiently proclaim the gospel, equip the saints, and defend the faith through conservative biblical, theological, and philosophical study! This flexible distance learning program is a non-traditional way for students to receive a seminary education with an apologetic emphasis from anywhere in the world without attending our southern California campus. Any one of our graduate or certificate programs may be fulfilled by listening to and engaging the ideas conveyed in provocative video (or audio) lectures and fulfilling assignments from the comfort of your own home. Though there is nothing better than attending live courses, each distance learning course is identical to those offered in our residence programs.

Your learning experience will be like no other, this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from Veritas Evangelical professors who are among the top evangelical scholars in their fields of study and who are committed to a classical theological perspective grounded in the inerrant Scriptures.  Our faculty is led by our distinguished professor of theology and apologetics, Dr. Norman Geisler, and complimented by Drs. Ron Rhodes, J. Randall Price, H. Wayne House, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, William Nix, Thomas Ice, Ed Bulkley, Steven Collins, Fred Field, Sasan Tavassoli, Ergun Caner, and others. This extraordinary faculty will lead you through a host of topics related to the fields of apologetics, theology, Bible, philosophy, cults, ministry, counseling, archaeology, biblical languages, missions, and pastoral studies.

Though there are many good reasons why you should consider a VES education, the most important reason is, and always has been, our philosophy of education and ministry. We refuse to build a lopsided Christian who trusts only in knowledge and the promise of academic credentials to accomplish ministry, rather, we prefer to rely on the inspiration, inerrancy, and sufficiency of God’s Word to spiritually transform the student into Christ’s image (Jn. 17:17).

During your time at VES you should expect to grow in several areas. You will deepen your knowledge and understanding of difficult issues that confront the church and society. You will develop an answer for those who ask of the hope that is within you and for those who challenge your faith (1 Peter 3:15). You will foster a greater dependency and appreciation for the wisdom of Christ’s teaching as the solution for the many dilemmas that confront our modern age. You will grow in dependency on the enabling work of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry. You will increase your awareness of and involvement in evangelism and world missions. You will develop an appreciation for the classical Christian perspective on theological, moral, and practical issues.

If you desire to discover what the Lord has planned for your life, and sense God’s leading you to deeper study in a flexible and educational atmosphere, then Veritas Evangelical Seminary is for you!

Veritas Evangelical Seminary understands that not everyone is able to physically attend courses, and that is why VES offers two course delivery options for distance learning courses. Students may complete their courses by viewing previously recorded streaming video courses online through a dedicated webpage known as Veritas Seminary Online (VESO.)