The Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Certificate

The Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Certificate

Earn your Certificate from Your Own Home! Learn at Your Own Pace!

Don’t have time to sit in the classroom but desire deeper knowledge in sharing the Gospel and defending the Christian Faith? The Apologetics Certificate is designed for you! This is a non-degree certificate program in Christian Apologetics co-sponsored by Veritas Evangelical Seminary and Norm Geisler International Ministries (

Here’s How it Works

5 Video Courses

      • Introduction to Apologetics – Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD
      • Bibliology: How We Got Our Bible – Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD
      • God & Creation – Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD
      • World Religions – Dr. Winfried Corduan, PhD
      • Contemporary Cults – Dr. Ron Rhodes, ThD

5 Textbooks that Correspond to Your Courses

**You must purchase the textbooks separately.

        • N, Geisler. The Big Book of Christian Apologetics (read 20 Articles)
        • N. Geisler. Systematic Theology: In One Volume (read Part I & II)
        • N. Geisler. Systematic Theology: In One Volume (read Part III & IV)
        • W. Corduan. Neighboring Faiths: A Christian Introduction to World Religions
        • R. Rhodes. The Challenge of the Cults and New Religions

5 Exams (and your choice to complete an additional research paper)

          • Complete one comprehensive exam per course
          • Complete one exam and one research paper if you desire to transfer your course credit to Veritas Evangelical Seminary degree programs


Program Details

View your course videos online or receive course DVDs through the mail.

$249 per online course and $269 per DVD course: The price includes your video lectures, course instructions and exams. **For International DVD Orders additional shipping cost will apply.

Enroll in one or more courses at a time.

Follow the simple course instructions and complete your course exam.

**You must purchase the textbooks separately.

All of the coursework you complete in this program can be applied toward Veritas Evangelical Seminary’s accredited courses and degree programs. To apply work from this program to VES courses and programs, the student must complete any remaining VES course equivalencies (including an accepted VES application for admission and the difference in tuition). Upon acceptance, a professor will assess your prior work and guide you through the remaining course requirements (typically reading verification and a research paper).

Take up to 1-year to complete each course.

After successfully completing the program you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Norman Geisler (Chancellor of Veritas Evangelical Seminary) and Dr. Joseph Holden (President of Veritas Evangelical Seminary).