VIU Apologetic Video Library (USB 32GB)


$350.00 $99.00


Get equipped with this unique 32GB USB (2.0, 3.0) flash drive video library containing 30 video lectures (mp4) by world-class apologists drawn from the last 10 years of VIU Apologetics conferences. Watch on your phone, computer or TV! A $350 value for $99. You will never be the same after viewing these lectures.


Ravi Zacharias, The Case for God

Ravi Zacharias, Apologetics in the 21st Century

Gary Habermas, The Case for Christ’s Resurrection

Greg Koukl, The Case for Truth

Norman Geisler, The Case for the Bible

Norman Geisler, If God, Why Evil?

Norman Geisler, Does the Bible Have Errors?

Norman Geisler, America’s Godly Heritage

Ron Rhodes, The Case for Christ

Ron Rhodes, 10 Keys to Answering the Cults

Joel Rosenberg, Israel, the Middle East and the Last Days

Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ

Stephen Meyer, Signature in the Cell: Evidence for Design

Steven Collins, Confirming the Bible through archaeology

Ed Hindson, A Journey Through Revelation in 60 Minutes

Ed Hindson, Reaching the Next Generation in a Post-Christian Culture

Tim LaHaye, End Times Prophecy

John Lennox, 7 Days That Divide the World

John Lennox, Has Science Buried God?

Os Guinness, Sustainable Freedom and the American Future

Os Guinness, Living Confidently in the Power of the Gospel

David Limbaugh, A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Bible

Jay Smith, The Bible vs. The Qur’an

Bob Wilkin, Can We Trust New Testament Professors?

Frank Sontag, From the New Age to New Life

Warner Wallace, A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospel

Abdu Murray, Radical Islam and ISIS

Larry Taunton, Understanding and Responding to the New Atheism

Christopher Yuan, Testimony: From Gay to Christ

Randy Alcorn, Pro-Life answers to Pro-Choice Questions


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