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Apologetics Video Library Volume 1 & 2 – A collection of 60 video lectures by top apologists recorded at the VIU National Apologetics Conference. Each lecture is approximately 50 min in length, professionally recorded, with embedded PowerPoint slides when used by the speaker! Play on your computer, TV, or phone! Save $41 when purchasing both volumes together.


Apologetics Video Library: Volume 1 (WHITE USB) – 30 Lectures!


Ravi Zacharias – Apologetics in the 21st Century

John Lennox – Has Science Buried God?

Lee Strobel – The Case for Christ

Norman Geisler – America’s Godly Heritage

Norman Geisler – If God, Why Evil?

Norman Geisler – Is God a Moral Monster?

Norman Geisler – The Case for the Bible

Norman Geisler – The Existence of God

Abdu Murray – Radical Islam and ISIS

Ron Rhodes – 10 Keys to answering Cults

Ron Rhodes – Mysticism and the Contemporary Church

Ron Rhodes – The Case for Christ

Os Guinness – Living Confidently in the Power of the Gospel

Stephen C. Meyer – Signature in the Cell: Evidence for Design

William Dembski – The Theological Case for Intelligent Design

Bob Wilkin – Can we Still Trust New Testament Professors?

Christopher Yuan – Testimony – From Gay to Christ

David Limbaugh – A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Bible

Ed Hindson – Reaching the Next Generation in a Post-Christian Culture

Ed Hindson – The Book of Revelation in 60 Minutes

Frank Sontag – From the New Age to New Life in Christ

Gary Habermas – The Case for Christ’s Resurrection

Greg Koukl – The Case for Truth

Steven Collins – Confirming the Bible through Archaeology: The Recent Evidence of Sodom

Randy Alcorn – Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Questions

Randall Price – The Dead Sea Scrolls and Old Testament Reliability

Wayne House – The Case for the Reliability of the New Testament

Jay Smith – The Bible versus the Qur’an

Tim LaHaye – End Times Prophecy

Larry Taunton – Understanding and Responding to the New Atheism



Apologetics Video Library: Volume 2 (RED USB) – 30 Lectures!


Ravi Zacharias – The Case for God

John Lennox – Seven Days that Divide the World

Lee Strobel – The Case for the Creator

Warner Wallace – A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospel

Norman Geisler – An Analysis of Postmodern Claims

Norman Geisler – Answering the New Atheism

Norman Geisler – Does the Bible Have Errors?

Norman Geisler – The Reliability of the New Testament

Norman Geisler – The Case for the Resurrection of Christ

Norman Geisler – The Importance of Knowing the Attributes of God

Joseph Holden – Archaeology and the Bible

Ron Rhodes – Prophecy and Biblical Reliability

Ron Rhodes – How We Know Christ Rose from the Dead

Ron Rhodes – Responding to Brian McLaren and ‘The New Kind of Christian’

Os Guinness – Sustainable Freedom and the American Future

Stephen C. Meyer – Uncovering Evolution’s Critical Flaw

William Dembski – The Theological Case for Intelligent Design

Brad Dacus – The Supreme Court and Same-Sex Marriage

David Geisler – Evangelism for a New Generation

Kevin Conover – Scientific Facts Recorded in the Bible Before Modern Science knew It

Ed Hindson – How We Know the End is Near – Book of Revelation

Ed Hindson – The Case for the Second Coming

Phil Fernandes – Why We Can Trust the Bible

Wendy Patrick – Religion in the Workplace

Greg Koukl – Making Abortion Unthinkable

Patty Tunnicliffe – Prophecy and the Reliability of Scripture

Randall Price – Can we Trust the Bible?

Wayne House – A Biblical, Medical, Legal and Moral Look at Homosexuality

Sassan Tavassoli – The Qur’an: Some Critical Observations

Joel Rosenberg – Israel, the Middle East and the Last Days

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