Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity

The M.Div. course of study may be completed in as little as three (3) years, but is designed for 66 months of full time study (9 units per semester). This flexible program offers four different degree outcomes resulting in the award of either the Master of Arts in Theological Studies (36 units), Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (66 units), Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (66 units), or the Master of Divinity (93 units). The M.Div. builds upon the core requirements offered in the M.A.T.S. degree and upon either the Master of Biblical Studies (M.A.B.S.) route or the Master of Christian Apologetics (M.A.C.A.) route. If the student chooses to complete the Master of Divinity in Apologetics, there are no Hebrew or Greek language requirements as there is in the Biblical Studies track. The M.Div. program is accomplished by adding an additional 27 units in courses related to pastoral ministry. This program is designed as a professional degree which prepares students to be competent in a variety of pastoral and non-pastoral ministry opportunities traditionally encountered in church related leadership experiences. From this program the student may choose any of the above routes (i.e. M.A.T.S., M.A.B.S., MA.C.A., or M.Div.) to earn the degree of choice. If the student later wishes to build upon the M.A.T.S., M.A.B.S., and M.A.C.A. routes in pursuit of the M.Div. they may do so by completing the remainder of the M.Div. program. Upon completion of the 93 unit program, the graduate is prepared with the skills to serve in pastoral or missions leadership. The following program objectives are consistent with the VES mission and educational objectives:

1. To prepare the student to interpret the Scriptures from a historical, grammatical, and literal perspective using biblical languages (through the biblical studies tract).

2. To prepare the student to interpret the Scriptures from a historical, grammatical, and literal perspective being able to confront ancient and modern ideologies that threaten the doctrinal and moral welfare of the church (through the apologetics tract).

3. To prepare the student to serve the church with skill and faithfulness by accurately teaching biblical and theological studies.

4. To prepare the student to apply biblical content and theology as expressed in the seminary’s doctrinal statement to teaching, preaching, discipleship, missions, and in evangelism, as well as in confronting contemporary moral and theological issues that challenge the church.

The following nine (9) courses comprise the additional 27 units of the M.Div. program:

PH500 Philosophy of Christian Education (3 units)
PM510 Christian Leadership Principles (3 units)
PM520 Biblical Counseling (3 units)
PM530 Pastoral Care (3 units)
PM540 Homiletics (3 units)
PM550 Principles and Theology of Missions (3 units)
CH580 History of the Church (3 units)
FC510 Gospel and Culture (3 units)
RW501 Thesis Research and Writing or One Elective (3 units)
CM501/502/503/504 Church/Mission Experience I, II, III, IV (P/F)
*The 27 units above will be completed by external study or in residence.