Jerusalem University College (Study Abroad)

Jerusalem University College

Veritas Evangelical Seminary (VES) has entered into an Associated School relationship with Jerusalem University College (JUC), an evangelical Protestant Christian university level institution established in 1957 and located in Jerusalem, Israel. JUC is dedicated to the study of the geography, culture, history, languages, religion, and archaeology of biblical lands as they relate to biblical interpretation and a better understanding of the Middle East. The university offers to its international student body: (1) long- and short-term programs, including the Master of Arts Degree in several disciplines; (2) graduate and undergraduate semester abroad; and (3) short-term academic (non-credit) study tours through the Institute of Holy Land Studies (IHLS), the lifelong learning division of JUC.

As an Associated School, JUC serves as an extension campus of Veritas Evangelical Seminary. VES students who study at the university are able to transfer academic credits to VES by prior arrangement. Furthermore, students from VES who apply for study in Jerusalem will enjoypriority status when applications are evaluated. Certain JUC courses may be used to fulfill degree requirements at VES. For more information, contact the Academic Office or visit the JUC website,

VES has scholarship funds available for students wishing to study at JUC.  For scholarship information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Short-Term Program Course Descriptions

(2, 3 and 5 Week Options)

BIBST 5/393 Geographical & Historical Settings of the Bible (4 semester hours)

All for-credit short-term programs offered by Jerusalem University College are intensive, academically-oriented studies of the land of the Bible. Unlike traditional tours of the Holy Land, our programs help students discover ways that Biblical events can be placed in their proper geographical, historical and cultural context. Our unique approach to understanding the relationship between the Bible and its world, developed over the last five decades through a personal interaction with the land, serves graduate students, seminarians, undergraduate students, ministers and individuals.

Most of the coursework for our short-term programs is done on-site, in the field. Prior map work and classroom discussions provide the necessary context for field-work. Because many of the day-long and overnight field trips include sustained hiking over sometimes very rugged terrain, participants must be in excellent physical condition.

All of our for-credit programs require that each student successfully complete map work, examinations and written reflections on regions visited. Course instructors are far more than “licensed tour guides.” They are academically qualified members of the faculty of Jerusalem University College or its associated schools, with specialties in the geography, history and archaeology of the lands of the Bible.

This intensive three-week course will introduce you to the geography, history, and archaeology of Israel. You will begin to feel at home on the playing field of biblical history after traveling throughout the land of the Bible.  This is the program that literally thousands of students have experienced as a part of their Christian college or seminary training.

Assignments using materials furnished by the university college should be completed prior to arrival in Israel. This work provides the necessary biblical background and regional introduction for study in Israel.  At the Jerusalem campus, students attend preparatory lectures designed to integrate assignments with field study.  Daily regional field studies, including an optional regional study in Jordan after the regular program, involve field trips of one to three days. These constitute the main body of the program.

Studies and walks in Jerusalem emphasize important aspects of the city in biblical and modern times and reconstruct the features of the city and its environs during the times of David, Solomon, Hezekiah, the Maccabees and Jesus.  Time spent in the Galilee region helps students understand the geography as well as the culture during the time of Christ and other periods of biblical history.

*Currently offered three times each year in January, May and June.  See JUC website for specific dates and related information. VES will accept this course as a graduate level elective.

BIBST 5/397 Jesus & His Times (2 Semester hours)

A special two week course emphasizing the geographical, historical, archaeological, and cultural setting of Israel during the time of Christ. The field studies follow the basic chronology of the life of Christ, spending one week in the Galilee region and one week in the Jerusalem region.

Extensive investigation of the Galilee region puts particular emphasis on the first century A.D. and walking tours of Jerusalem and its environs all help to place the life of Christ in the historical and cultural milieu and geographical setting of His time.

*This two-week program is offered one time each year in July. Contact JUC in order to determine whether the Historical & Geographical Settings and Jesus & His Times courses can be combined into a 5-week program earning 6 semester hours). VES will accept this course as a graduate level elective. If both the above courses are completed (6 semester hours), VES will accept in lieu of AP502 Biblical Archaeology and one elective or two electives if the student desires.