Certificate Program

Certificate of Completion

The certificate and audit programs are available to those who do not meet the academic criteria, or who do not desire admission into the degree programs. If students in the certificate program eventually fulfill the undergraduate requirements for admission into the degree program after they have begun the certificate program, all  certificate units earned will be transferable into the student’s degree program upon (1) the payment of the difference between graduate and certificate tuition and (2) the submission of the student’s official transcripts to VES. Students seeking admission to the certificate program should have demonstrated  previous pastoral or leadership skills for Christian ministry. In addition, applicants should have completed approximately two years of an undergraduate program or the equivalent. Admission into a program does not automatically mean acceptance into candidacy for the degree/certificate. The student must satisfactorily complete at least half of their course of study (45 units of the M.Div./C.Div.; 33 units for the M.A.C.A./C.C.A. and M.A.B.S./C.B.S.; 18 units for the M.A.T.S./C.T.S.) with a grade point average of 2.5 or better. Then, the student may apply for candidacy in the degree or certificate program. Candidacy must be applied for no later than January 1 in the year of the student’s graduation.