Certificate of Theological Studies

Certificate of Theological Studies (C.T.S.)

The Certificate of Theological Studies (C.T.S.) is a 36 unit Master of Arts degree that may be completed in as little as one (1) year, but is designed for 24 months of full time study (9 units per semester). This course of study is strong in classical theology. It is specially suited for lay persons seeking to engage in non-professional Christian ministry by developing a theological and apologetic understanding of the doctrines of Christianity. The program provides in-depth foundational theological training for those who desire greater affectiveness in church ministry, evangelism, theological education, missions, apologetics and personal study of God’s word. Upon completion of the C.T.S., the student will have demonstrated knowledge in systematic and historical theology, Christian apologetics and competence in Old and New Testament content.

The course of study objectives are:

1. To prepare the student to research and write in a manner that is hermeneutically and theologically sound.

2. To prepare the student to clearly articulate Christian theology in the church, para-church, or other ministry venue.

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies program also serves as the core requirements for all other degrees.

NOTE: The C.T.S. course of study is offered in residence every other year.The C.T.S. may be completed entirely or in part through external studies courses when residence courses are unavailable during the year.

The following courses comprise the 36 unit C.T.S.:
OT515 Old Testament Survey (3 units)
TH520 Biblical Hermeneutics (3 units)
NT510 Jesus and the Early Church: The Gospels and Acts (3 units)
NT520 Paul and the Later Church: The NT Letters and Revelation (3 units)
NT530 New Testament Research & Methodology (3 units)
TH530 Prolegomena and Bibliology (3 units)
TH540 Theology Proper and Creation (3 units)
TH550 Christology and Pneumatology (3 units)
TH560 Hamartiology and Soteriology (3 units)
TH570 Ecclesiology and Eschatology (3 units)
TH580 Historical Theology (3 units)
AP501 Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3 units)
RW499 Research Methods and Technology Skills (P/F)
CM501/502 Church/Mission Experience I & II (P/F)