Beginning Your Distance Learning Education

A new student desiring to begin taking classes online must complete the online application to Veritas Evangelical Seminary. The application may be downloaded from the Seminary website. Admission to the online program does not constitute admission to the residence program. Once you receive your acceptance letter, you may register for courses by registering online on our external studies course registration page. When completing the registration form, it is the student’s responsibility to purchase the textbook(s) required for each course.


Tuition and fee payments must be paid in full at the time of registering. If payments are made by check mail to:

Veritas Evangelical Seminary

ATTN: External Studies

3000 W. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 220

Santa Ana, California 92704

After the payment of all tuition and fees, your course will be available to you when you log in to VES Populi.

Timeframe to Complete External Programs

 The Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.) must be completed in six (6) years from the date of first enrollment. The Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (M.A.C.A.) must be completed within eight (8) years from the date of first enrollment. The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (M.A.B.S.) must be completed eight (8) years from the date of first enrollment. The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) must be completed within twelve (12) years from the date of first enrollment. If more time is needed, you may be asked to complete additional requirements in order to conform to the updated catalog.

Independent study courses must be completed (as evidenced by all coursework being submitted electronically on or prior to the course due date) by the end of the 120 day period. If you need a 30 day extension, you may request one in writing prior to the expiration date. A second 30 day extension may be granted for $50, with no further extensions possible. The start date of all courses will be the day that payment is submitted via the online payment system on Populi.



Technology Requirements

Students fulfilling their courses through pre-recorded streaming video must have access to a working computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Broadband internet connection of at least 1mbps or more recommended.
  • Speakers or operable headphone jack in order to listen to audio.
  • Monitor with minimum of 800×600 resolution (1028×780 or higher recommended.)
  • Word processing program (i.e. Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Pages, etc.)
  • Available battery life of three or more hours, or connection to power in order to view each lecture.


Residential Students Taking External Courses

Residential students may complete a portion of their program requirements through external delivery options up to a maximum of four (4) courses, M.Div. students may take a maximum of five (5) courses.




Students fulfilling their courses through pre-recorded streaming video are responsible for obtaining their textbooks for each course either through VES External Studies department or your local Christian or online bookstore. Textbooks titles and prices are listed on the VESO page of the Seminary website. In some cases used or out of print books are assigned. These may be purchased through VES, or other online used/new book search engines such as:

External Studies Contact Information

Phone: 714.966.8500

[email protected]