Vanessa Acosta
Registrar / Admissions Coordinator

Welcome to VES! We accept applications for admission all year-around and there are no admission deadlines. You can fill out your application online, or download it to mail back to us here. Prior to registering for courses, complete the admission packet, and send official sealed transcripts with $30.00 to:

Veritas Evangelical Seminary
3000 W. MacArthur Blvd
Logos Building, Suite 220
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Admissions Policy

Veritas Evangelical Seminary is open to all Christian men and women seeking a graduate level education, regardless of whether they possess an earned bachelors degree. VES seeks to admit students who have and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior. Each applicant must read, understand, and agree with the Doctrinal Statement of Faith, current VES Academic Catalog and Student Handbook, respecting its statements and committments. Enrollment into the Seminary’s programs is open to any student who is spiritually qualified to pursue serious theological study to better serve the church in Christian ministry and research.

Admission to VES masters degree programs require an earned bachelors degree, admission into the VES certificate and audit programs requires no previously earned degree. The certificate and audit programs are available to those who do not yet meet the academic criteria, or who do not desire admission into a degree program. If students in the certificate program eventually fulfill the undergraduate requirements for admission into the degree program after they have begun the certificate program, all certificate units earned will be transferable into the student’s degree program upon: (1) the payment of the difference between graduate and certificate tuition and (2) the submission of the student’s official transcripts to VES.  The prerequisite for admission to any graduate degree program is an accredited bachelor’s degree from  a postsecondary institution, or the equivalent. The student’s undergraduate grade point average (GPA) should be above average, optimally a 3.0 (i.e. B average) or better.

The spiritual requirements for all applicants involve demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the inspired and inerrant Scriptures, having consistent Christian character resulting from a personal commitment to Christ, utilizing one’s spiritual gifts for the building up of the body of Christ, and yielding to the Holy Spirit’s call to service and Christian growth.

Institution-Wide Non-discrimination Policy

Veritas Evangelical Seminary, a private religious non-profit educational institution, is committed to equality of educational and employment opportunity and will not discriminate against applicants, the retention of students, or the selection, retention, and advancement of VES personnel on the basis of race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, prior military service, or any other basis prohibited by law (Rom. 2:11; 12:1-2; Gal. 3:28). Federal guidelines (Sections 702-703 of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act) clearly recognize the right of private non- profit religious institutions to seek personnel who will support the mission, educational goals, and doctrinal statement of the institution. Being an applicant, student, or employee at Veritas Evangelical Seminary requires a commitment and lifestyle consistent with the institution’s mission, goals, and doctrinal statement. VES reserves the right to deny admission, advancement, or retention of individuals, who by past academic experience or job performance, or lifestyle decisions, demonstrate they are not in harmony with the mission, goals, and content published in the VES handbooks or the doctrinal statement of the institution (Jam. 3:1; 1 Tim. 3:1-16; 2 Tim. 3:5).